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Modern Alternative To Traditional Stained Glass

At Gekoglass in Scarborough, our overlay lead products provide a beautiful replication of stained glass windows, without losing any of the insulating properties of modern glazing.

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Overlay Lead Design

Overlay Lead

Overlay lead is a modern technique that was developed for the double-glazing industry. With the need for modern windows to be energy efficient,  both panels in a double-glazed window have to be one piece of glass. Overlay lead is 99.5% pure lead, applied to both sides of the glass panel. Colours are provided by UV-stable stained glass art films.

The overall effect is a beautiful reproduction of the traditional stained glass effect at a fraction of the cost and with a better environmental impact. Have a look below at our previously commissioned pieces. If you like what you see, contact us today to discuss your personal requirements for your very own piece of glass art.


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