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Coconut And Sea Salt Soya Wax Melt

Sweet, fresh, salty.

Transport your senses to a tropical island.


Made from soya wax, these melts are paraffin-free, vegan friendly and come with no plastic packaging.


We are proud to stock these items from Freckleface and part of our Home Fragrance Collection. 


Got a question? Call us now on: 01723 354937.

Coconut And Sea Salt Soya Wax Melt

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  • Handmade in England | Plastic Free Packaging | 100% Vegan Friendly

    All of these products are handcrafted in Lincolnshire, so they control what goes into it.

    Burn time:  Approximately 20 hours per melt. With fragrance times of at least 20 hours and incredible throw power that will fill the room, we hope you love using these wax melts as much as Freckleface love creating them!

    Wax: Ethically sourced soya wax is paraffin-free and 100% vegan.  The natural wax delivers a consistent and clean burn throughout all of these products. 

    Packaging: Recyclable and plastic free.

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