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Georgetown Fiddlehead - Fairy Log House


Second only to the mushroom, a hollowed out log is the perfect fairy starter home.

This is a great shape too; fairly straight with only one branching section which has been converted to a large bay window with a blue window box beneath. The only other branch now forms the chimney. The front door is fully opening and is set into the wood of the log and the bark forms the perfect natural archway. Two windows and a rustic wooden frame make this a very inviting entrance with two more windows to the rear, one with a blue window box again. The rear end of the log has a round window with blue shutters above the doors to the basement.

The homestead looks amazing in a fairy garden or just as an ornament on its own. There is a hole in the base for an LED tea light or a string of weather proof fairy lights.


H: 14cm W: 14cm D: 10cm (approx)


Part of our Away With The Fairies Collection.

This collection will not be restocked, so once its gone, its gone as they say! 

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Georgetown Fiddlehead - Fairy Log House

  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor fairy gardens. 
    Handle with care. 
    H: 14cm W:14cm D:10cm (approx)
    Made from weatherproof resin. 

  • Terms and Conditions apply.

    Full terms and conditions can be found here:

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