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Star Ceramic Oil / Wax Burner

A beautiful ceramic Star burner in white creating a relaxing atmosphere in any location.


Ideal to use with our selection of Wax Melts. Similar to fragrance oils, Wax Melts are placed upon a burner which slowly melts the wax, diffusing and throwing beautiful scent into the room. Once you have finished with them, you blow out the candle on the burner, let the melt solidify and then relight the candle at any time.

They are really easy to use. 

Suitable for use with fragrance oils and wax melts.


Size: W:14cm H: 8cm (Approx)


We are proud to stock these items from Freckleface and part of our Home Fragrance Collection. 


Got a question? Call us now on: 01723 354937.

Star Ceramic Oil/ Wax Burner

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